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Alumni FAQ

Help and Information


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Human Resources

For inquiries and information related to your employment such as benefits and work verification, use the links below.
You must have an updated Single Sign-On to access some of these links, which you can reset using the Tech Hub (link included below).

US Benefits Information
Tech Hub (SSO Reset)

Global Access HR

For questions related to the programs you participated in as an active employee of JPMorgan Chase, or to ensure your contact information remains up to date with JPMorgan Chase, please call accessHR.

Please note: where potential charges are listed for Help Desk service, the charge does not apply for past employees.

North America

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:30pm EST except certain U.S. bank holidays
For North America support while located in North America: 1-877-576-2427
For North America support while located outside North America: 001-212-552-5100


United Kingdom

Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm UK

Local number IDD (44) 207 134 0606

International number 1-847-622-2565

Asia Pacific


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm AEST

Local number 1800818574

International number 1-847-622-2565

Hong Kong

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm HKST

Local number 30775325

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 8:00am-12 Midnight IST

Local number 0008004405210

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm JST

Local number 0120-626-357

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PHT KST

Local number 0800018442

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm SGT

Local number 18006221944

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Taiwan time

Local number 0800-868-856

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 7am-2:30pm PHT

Local number – Globe Telecom 180089088266

Philippines Long Distance Telephone PLDT 180014410883

International number 1-847-622-2565


Monday-Friday 9am-6pm MYT

Local number 1800888207

International number 1-847-622-2565