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The Alumni Network

Profile and Directory


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The Alumni Network 

Why are we reinvigorating our efforts for alumni? 

Jamie Dimon said it best: “The alumni of JPMorgan Chase and our heritage firms have helped build an exceptional company – one of the most trusted and respected in the world. Today, we continue to build on our proud history, serving our clients and our communities with dedication and distinction everywhere we do business.” He also writes that we “are committed to doing more for our alumni through our Alumni Network.” This website should make it easier for you to engage with other alumni and to feel more connected to the firm. 

How can I make the most of being part of this alumni network? 

Visit this site as often as you would like – it is a resource for you to find other alumni and if you so choose – to connect with them, get firm news and learn about what other alumni are doing, see applicable events, find career advice and search open roles, etc. 

If you haven’t already, fill out your profile with what you’re doing now, your contact information, additional details about your role at the firm, education, interests, etc. and then keep it up to date. 

Who is eligible for the JPMorgan Chase Alumni Network? 

This program is for former employees with two or more years of service at J.P. Morgan, Chase, JPMorgan Chase, or one of its heritage firms or subsidiaries, who have retired or left in good standing, as determined by the firm. 


Profile and Directory 

Do I have to fill out a profile? 

Filling out a profile is completely optional as is being a member of this network. We encourage you to fill out a profile and then keep it up to date, in order to make it easier for other alumni to connect with you and to increase the relevance of information you receive. Keep in mind that the information you provide will be available in all cases to JPMC for its business -related use. 

Where does my profile appear? 

Your profile appears in the Directory section of this alumni network website, which is only visible to and searchable by alumni members of this network and to the alumni relations team. Keep in mind that you can choose whether to include your contact information and then whether to make this info visible to or hidden from the network. 

How do I contact another alum directly? 

By clicking into another alum’s profile, you will find his/her contact information (if he/she has included it on the profile). From there, you will have the details to reach out to that person. 

How do I find someone on the site? 

Go to the Directory section of the alumni network site. From there, you can enter in a fellow alum’s name or click the ‘Advanced’ button to find alumni based on their current company, location, JPMC department, education, personal interests, etc. 


How do I identify myself as an alumna or alumnus when applying for a job at the firm? 

If you are interested in returning to the firm, please visit the Alumni Network Careers page. From there, you can 'Search' for opportunities that match your skills, or 'Join' the JPMorgan Chase Talent Network directly. After completing a brief form, you will be noted as an alum within the Talent Network, and subscribed to updates based on the preferences you have specified. We are always excited to welcome back individuals with a history / background of strong performance at the firm, and to assist them in identifying roles that might align with their skills and experience. Ultimately, placement into a role is dependent upon matching the best candidate to the job. 

If I’m not looking for a job, should I visit the careers section? 

Yes. Whether you are looking for opportunities to rejoin the firm, or simply want to learn more about our offerings, we want to provide helpful resources and the latest careers information for you. 

If I have a friend or contact who might be interested in a role, what should I do? 

Direct them to and encourage them to search and browse open roles based on keyword, location, and other preferences. You can also send the Job ID number and job description for a particular opportunity. Interested candidates can then subscribe to customized updates from the JPMorgan Chase Talent Network.  

HR Documents & Employment-related Information

How can I request information such as employment verification, tax statements, or other benefits?
For inquiries and information related to your employment such as benefits and work verification, access the separate '
Resources' page  or the menu to the left of this page.