100 Years in Germany



In April 1924, Central Union Trust Company opened a representative office in Berlin, located at Behrenstrasse 58. Five years later, Central Union merged with Hanover National Bank of the City of New York to become Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company. F.F. Beer, seen here in 1930, served as the bank’s representative.



In 1928, Chase National Bank opened a representative office in Berlin, located at Unter den Linden 57. This office closed in 1939.



By 1930, Central Hanover’s office moved to Unter den Linden 54-55. Seen here are members of the Berlin office in July 1930.



On December 15, 1947, Chase National Bank opened a branch in Frankfurt, becoming the first foreign bank to reopen a branch in the country after World War II. The priority of the branch was to conduct banking business for members of the U.S. military community in post-war Germany. A second Chase branch was opened in Stuttgart on December 28, 1947 and was in operation until 1954.



In 1961, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company opened a representative office in Frankfurt. By 1965, it became a full-service branch. Throughout the 1970s, Morgan Guaranty opened additional offices in Dusseldorf and Munich.



Several other JPMorgan Chase predecessors opened offices throughout Germany in the 1960s: The First National Bank of Chicago in Frankfurt (1966), Chase Manhattan Bank in Munich (1968), and Manufacturers Hanover in Frankfurt (1969).



In 1993, Chemical Bank hosted its first Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt. This image shows the start of the 1994 Frankfurt Corporate Challenge.


2002 - 2003

In 2002, J.P. Morgan Private Bank starts booking clients locally in Germany. The Germany branch of J.P. Morgan Asset Management is founded in August 2003.



The firm merges its three EEA-domiciled banking entities in Germany, Luxembourg and Ireland and their branches into J.P. Morgan AG, converted to a Societas Europeae, SE, with Frankfurt becoming the headquarters. J.P. Morgan is now the 4th largest German bank by market capitalisation.


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